Mid-week update

I'm drinking Apple Spice tea this morning! Feeling kind of off kilter today, went and got new glasses yesterday. My one eye has gotten a lot worse and she warned me I might be feeling nauseous for awhile.

OK some updates on inventory. I still don't have a date for the Mulled Spice tea. Two new things this week We now have Orange Spice tea and the Orange tea in the bulk teabags. These are a much more economical option for our tea bagging people.

Hope all is well in the world and look to see what's in your cup!



Update on inventory

We've had a hard time getting a few things in from our main supplier, well today I found out why. Seems their ships are now being re-routed to their third port. They have went from Vancouver to Seattle and now to somewhere in California. They say it's definitely weather related. Things affected so far are Irish Breakfast teabags, mulled spice loose tea and the perfect cup spoons.

The deep freeze is letting up some here it will actually be around 17 degrees today! My son's car would not start all week, so we had it towed here and put it inside the warehouse last night. Guess what....it started this morning! Cold blooded I guess.

Today I'm enjoying some Formosa Oolong, I love wrapping my hands around a warm cup of tea while I'm working.