Long Live Queen Mary Tea

When Twinings discontinued Queen Mary they left so many of you dis-heartened that they had just lost their favorite tea. Recently we have had so many people trying to find a replacement for dwindling stock. Luckily for us we carry our own Queen Mary blend and it is very close to the original from Twinnings. So far all the Queen Mary lovers have proclaimed it an almost seamless replacement for their old tea. I hope that all of you who have lost your old love will give us a try.



Back To School

My children started school today. I have this image of Autumn in my mind when I think about going back to school but we still have a little more than a month until Autumn officially arrives. My tea choices change as dramatically as the weather when Autumn arrives. During the summer my favorites are the flavored greens because they make such refreshing iced teas but when Autumn arrives I crave a stronger brew to help me wake up on those dreary Autumn mornings. I must admit that Autumn is my favorite season of the year so I always look forward to it no matter how wet and dreary it gets. I am already planning which teas I need to restock so that I am ready for that first chilly morning. The tea I can't live without at this time of the year is our Scottish Breakfast Tea, a blend of many different blacks that's resulting brew is rich, malty and smooth. Lapsang Souchong or Russian Caravan are two teas that have a rich smoky aroma that can sometimes be a bit over powering but the flavor is much more smooth and refined. I left the best for last, Chai, a tea that warms you with its blend of aromatic spices. The chai I will be reaching for is our White Chocolate Spiced Chai. Oh my! All this talk about these teas has made me crave then even more. I guess I will just have to break down and get me a cup right now.



Big Mark Down in Clearance!

I spent most of the day yesterday marking down prices in the clearance section. All loose teas are 30% off, everything else is 40% or more off. We have some really good deals on some higher end stuff, it would be a great time to do some early Christmas shopping. I know I did! Everyone have a great weekend.