Long Live Queen Mary Tea

When Twinings discontinued Queen Mary they left so many of you dis-heartened that they had just lost their favorite tea. Recently we have had so many people trying to find a replacement for dwindling stock. Luckily for us we carry our own Queen Mary blend and it is very close to the original from Twinnings. So far all the Queen Mary lovers have proclaimed it an almost seamless replacement for their old tea. I hope that all of you who have lost your old love will give us a try.



Anonymous said...

Hello Candie,

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Shannon Eliot
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Anonymous said...

you can get some twinings queen mary tea tins on amazon, not many but a few out there, 3 sets of 2 actually.

Unknown said...

Consider Twinning discontinued this tea at least 2 years ago I would not suggest buying any of it now because it would be totally flavorless by now.

Anonymous said...

I bought some and flavor was still great.