Tea to Soothe All Woes

I absolutely hate it when my kids go back to school because they bring home every sickness known to man and of course I catch it all. Today I have a scratchy throat and that weird warm feeling like your under a non-existent sun lamp. Time to pull out my favorite "feeling under-the-weather tea" Hojicha. I don't care if it is the flu or a hang-over this tea soothes my stomach and head better than all others. The best part maybe that I cannot make a mistake while brewing this tea and make it taste bad. You can brew it at any temp for any time period and still still tastes wonderful. What is Hojicha? It is Japanese tea made by roasting green tea. The flavor is very toasty and mellow. If you like green teas but would be willing to try something new I suggest giving this one a try.


Calm During the Storm

When things get really hectic a hot cup of tea is such a soothing balm for my nerves. The rocky economy effects us all in one way or another. Sitting there mulling over your budget is much less nerve racking when you have that cup of tea to sip and hold. At least it is for me. Sure it doesn't magically make everything better but for me it helps me keep a level head get through the ordeal. When I hear about deaths or sickness in my family the first thing I do is send tea and a card because I think the tea provides comfort. If someone you know is having a hard time right now, invite them over for a cup of tea and conversation. You will be amazed how much that person will appreciate it.


Morning Tea Rituals and Hello Again

I must not be the only person already longing for my morning tea ritual. Sure I could drink hot tea every morning year round but a cool dewy morning makes it so much more enjoyable. Our chat about my favorite hot teas last week, reminded a lot of you to check your stocks. It is funny how my tastes change so dramatically with the weather. In the summer I love fruity flavored teas, fall I like strong full bodied teas and smoky teas, in the winter I tend toward the spicy flavored black teas and in the spring I enjoy greens. You can imagine how cluttered my tea counter is at my house. I miss the days when we shipped the teas out of my garage because I never kept any tea in the house I just ran out and got what I wanted so I had access to all 400+ tea at all times. Now I have to limit myself a bit so my kitchen isn't one big tea storage cabinet. Picking the teas I will drink for he season can be a bit agonizing but then I come into the office and I can still drink any tea I want at any time. What am I drinking right now? I have a big cup of Jasmine Dragon Tears sitting beside me. I love this tea because some how it is calming yet energizing at the same time.