Morning Tea Rituals and Hello Again

I must not be the only person already longing for my morning tea ritual. Sure I could drink hot tea every morning year round but a cool dewy morning makes it so much more enjoyable. Our chat about my favorite hot teas last week, reminded a lot of you to check your stocks. It is funny how my tastes change so dramatically with the weather. In the summer I love fruity flavored teas, fall I like strong full bodied teas and smoky teas, in the winter I tend toward the spicy flavored black teas and in the spring I enjoy greens. You can imagine how cluttered my tea counter is at my house. I miss the days when we shipped the teas out of my garage because I never kept any tea in the house I just ran out and got what I wanted so I had access to all 400+ tea at all times. Now I have to limit myself a bit so my kitchen isn't one big tea storage cabinet. Picking the teas I will drink for he season can be a bit agonizing but then I come into the office and I can still drink any tea I want at any time. What am I drinking right now? I have a big cup of Jasmine Dragon Tears sitting beside me. I love this tea because some how it is calming yet energizing at the same time.

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