Tea to Soothe All Woes

I absolutely hate it when my kids go back to school because they bring home every sickness known to man and of course I catch it all. Today I have a scratchy throat and that weird warm feeling like your under a non-existent sun lamp. Time to pull out my favorite "feeling under-the-weather tea" Hojicha. I don't care if it is the flu or a hang-over this tea soothes my stomach and head better than all others. The best part maybe that I cannot make a mistake while brewing this tea and make it taste bad. You can brew it at any temp for any time period and still still tastes wonderful. What is Hojicha? It is Japanese tea made by roasting green tea. The flavor is very toasty and mellow. If you like green teas but would be willing to try something new I suggest giving this one a try.

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