Green Tea Power

I know I said it was hot tea weather but this is one of those mornings where I am fighting to keep my eyes open. I need a cup of hot liquid energy, AKA Extra Green Genmaicha. This bright green brew is contains about as much ECGC as you can get without just eating straight Matcha Green Tea powder. It is not everyone’s cup of tea because it has a strong green tea flavor but it is very nice once you get used to it.

The reason I am tired is because we took the kids to see the movie Over the Hedge last night. The kids are out of school for the summer and we are trying to treat them just a little bit for their good grades. It was a good movie but I had a hard time reconciling my hero Bruce Willis’s voice with a raccoon’s body. Even weirder for me was William Shatner’s voice with a possum’s body. I would rather they go with people who’s voices aren’t so recognizable because it kept distracting me from the movie.

Another great tea item that I carry with me in the summer is our Teaology products which have a decaffeinated green tea base with added flavors and just a hint of Splenda. This product proves that it is the ECGC and not the caffeine that gives you energy because I throw one of these in a bottle of water and drink it and in a few minutes I am full of energy. I haven’t found a bottled tea product that I can stand to drink so these are a great way to get my tea on the road. That reminds me I need to put more in my purse.


Iced Tea & Chinese Vs. Japanese Green Teas

Gallons of iced green tea passed my lips this weekend. More specifically, Crime of Passion Green Tea was consumed in mass quantities by me and my family. The extreme temperature swings that Indiana is known for happened over the weekend when we went from the mid to low 60’s to 90 degrees. So it is now officially Iced Tea Season for me.

Today is the day I change all the specials and send out a newsletter letting everyone know what the new specials are. This weeks Tea of the Week, is our Decaffeinated Sencha Green Tea, which is 20% off this week. This tea is great for those of you who can’t have the caffeine but still want the health benefits green tea provides.

Today we kick off our Summer Iced Tea Sale. One pound and half pound bags of all of our Flavored black & Green teas are on sale for 10% off the regular price.  

Today I have a cup of iced Strawberry Green Tea which I don’t enjoy as much as Long Island Strawberry Green Tea. I prefer the sencha tea base and the better strawberry flavor of the Long Island Strawberry. I was a die hard black tea fan but I have been won over by the Japanese green teas. They just have a better flavor to them and I think that has to do with the very low oxidization that occurs in the processing of these teas. It is not true that green teas are totally un-oxidized, a small level of oxidization occurs during processing. There is a big difference visually and flavor wise between the Chinese or rolled & formed green teas and Japanese green teas which are less physically processed. The cells in the tea leaves are broken when they roll or tie the leaves which cause a certain level of oxidization. The Japanese tea leaves are much greener and the resulting brew is light yellowish green to green which has a sweeter cleaner flavor. A rolled green tea will have a darker colored leaf, tending toward brown and the brew will be yellow to amber color and have a tinge of Oolong flavor to it. Another difference in the process for Chinese and Japanese teas is that almost all Japanese teas are steamed which I think is one of the keys to the clean flavor.


TGIF & Jasmine Dragon Tears

TGIF – Thank Goodness it’s Friday

Today is a Jasmine Dragon Tears day. This is a very light, sweet green tea with that wonderful Jasmine aroma and flavor. This is a great comfort tea. It is so dark, wet and dreary outside that I needed something to lighten my mood.

Today is a blending day for me. I have several herbal and one rooibos blend to create today. I enjoy creating new blends. A little of this and a little of that, tasting and blending, then tasting again. Making myself write down every thing I did and added is the hardest part but without it I wouldn’t be able to reproduce the same tea again.

One the blends I am working on is a Chocolate Orange Rooibos for a birthday gift. We really enjoy Rooibos around here. Many of us have arthritis in one form or another and Rooibos has anti-inflammatory properties that help with the creaky painful bones.

I need to buy a new Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker this weekend. My last one gave up the ghost last fall. It had been worked to death by my husband and I. We make multiple pots a day in the warm weather. This units are nice because they are very easy to make loose tea in with just a simple coffee filter. That reminds me that I need to remember to take home some tea for iced tea because I have used up all my tea at home.

My favorite teas for iced tea:
Wild Blackberry Tea
Key Lime Tea
Mango Tea
Blueberry Vanilla Cream Tea
Strawberry Shortcake Tea
Kiwi Melon Tea


Denise's Introduction

This was a really great idea by Candie. I'm Denise the other owner of Culinary Teas. Candie and I are related by marriage and became friends at family functions. The idea of starting Culinary Teas was all Candies and I came along for the ride and what a ride it has become!

I intend to write something about the goings on here everyday, but remember what they say about good intentions.

Today was order day, since I do the ordering at the end of the week: shipments are always coming in mid to late in the week. Today we got in books, Swiss Gold filters and some goodies from THT. I've been drinking the Maple Cream tea all week...yummy. I haven't graduated to cold teas yet but they say the temps will be in the 90's for the weekend....so that could change next week.

I'm off tomorrow, going to my first consultation for Bariatric Surgery in the morning. Will be working on Saturday though.




Candie's Introduction

Here we go! Let me start out by introducing my self. I am the co-owner of Culinary Teas and a master tea blender with a background as a Chef. Now I never have to worry about running out of tea. I have been studying the subject of tea for 6 years. I have enjoyed tea since I was a child growing up with my grandparents.

My favorite teas are our Wild Blackberry and Scottish Breakfast (I love my Scottish Heritage)

Currently I am enjoying a cup of Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival which has a nice cherry flavor with just a hint of rose to compliment the Sencha. I am trying to drink more green tea to get my energy up and try to drop of more weight.

My co-owner is my aunt by marriage. We both married Yoders and that says a lot about us. I will let her and Jen introduce them selves.

Tea, Drink & Enjoy,