TGIF & Jasmine Dragon Tears

TGIF – Thank Goodness it’s Friday

Today is a Jasmine Dragon Tears day. This is a very light, sweet green tea with that wonderful Jasmine aroma and flavor. This is a great comfort tea. It is so dark, wet and dreary outside that I needed something to lighten my mood.

Today is a blending day for me. I have several herbal and one rooibos blend to create today. I enjoy creating new blends. A little of this and a little of that, tasting and blending, then tasting again. Making myself write down every thing I did and added is the hardest part but without it I wouldn’t be able to reproduce the same tea again.

One the blends I am working on is a Chocolate Orange Rooibos for a birthday gift. We really enjoy Rooibos around here. Many of us have arthritis in one form or another and Rooibos has anti-inflammatory properties that help with the creaky painful bones.

I need to buy a new Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker this weekend. My last one gave up the ghost last fall. It had been worked to death by my husband and I. We make multiple pots a day in the warm weather. This units are nice because they are very easy to make loose tea in with just a simple coffee filter. That reminds me that I need to remember to take home some tea for iced tea because I have used up all my tea at home.

My favorite teas for iced tea:
Wild Blackberry Tea
Key Lime Tea
Mango Tea
Blueberry Vanilla Cream Tea
Strawberry Shortcake Tea
Kiwi Melon Tea

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