Denise's Introduction

This was a really great idea by Candie. I'm Denise the other owner of Culinary Teas. Candie and I are related by marriage and became friends at family functions. The idea of starting Culinary Teas was all Candies and I came along for the ride and what a ride it has become!

I intend to write something about the goings on here everyday, but remember what they say about good intentions.

Today was order day, since I do the ordering at the end of the week: shipments are always coming in mid to late in the week. Today we got in books, Swiss Gold filters and some goodies from THT. I've been drinking the Maple Cream tea all week...yummy. I haven't graduated to cold teas yet but they say the temps will be in the 90's for the weekend....so that could change next week.

I'm off tomorrow, going to my first consultation for Bariatric Surgery in the morning. Will be working on Saturday though.



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