Good morning! After a couple of sleepless nights I finally got a good nights sleep. I sure can't take the lack of sleep like I used to, everyone thought I was cranky. Glad to be back to semi-normal. I'm sipping on a cuppa Brandied Apple this morning. I've been on a chocolate kick all week. Since I can no longer have the real thing it is a great substitute.

Things are finally started to come back in stock. The 25 teabag softwood chests should all be back in stock, if I missed any please let me know. All of the enveloped teabags are back except for the Caramel. Some of the ceramics are back (teapots, ect...) the rest should be back in stock by June 6th.

I did add a new tea this week, Bora Bora Mango Rooibos. If you're a rooibos fan, this one is a must try. I had it iced and loved it.

We started packing for our move this week. The girls made a lot of progress, but there are a lot of things that can't be packed until the last minute. Everything in the tea room is 50% off right now, so if you're close to Syracuse, Indiana please stop and see us.

Have a great weekend,


Busy day today. Stuff is flying off the clearance racks and I have more to put on next week. We have been very busy going through inventory and pulling stuff up to the tea room that we don't want to move. And any overstock I find will go on clearance. If you are anywhere near Syracuse in the next few weeks you should come check out the sales.

Miss Hailey came to work with mom this morning, so it's been 3 year old cuteness all morning. I need to go pick up the dog from the groomer, go to Goshen and get some more protein and pick up the kid from school yet today.

I'm also working on being available on the computer in the evenings. You can IM me at rooibos_lady on Yahoo Messenger right now. I'm working on a FaceBook and Twitter account. Love Twitter!

Have a great day!