No excuses

Wow! Long time ... no blog. So much to catch up on.

First let's get down to business. Some of you may have noticed all the out of stock items. The teas are mostly international shipping problems. The ceramics are only ordered once a year by my supplier (something I just learned too). All I have is tentative dates when these will be back in stock. Teas 3-15 and ceramics 4-15. As they come back in stock I will post them here.

We are very close to getting some of the decafs back in stock. Long story short, they were not up to our standards and new suppliers had to be found.

On a personal note, I had Bariatric (gastric bypass) surgery on the 20th of this month. I'm doing fine and back to work on a limited basis right now. I'm looking forward to getting back to my old thin, healthy self this year. Last year was full of a lot of soul searching and therapy to figure out why I let myself get so big. It will definitely be a year of changes for me and Culinary Teas. Stay tuned.....

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