Back in Stock!

Long time no post!

We really had a time of it on the Holidays, running out of teas that is. Almost everything is back in stock or will be by the end of the week. The only tea I'm still out of is Apple Spice with no ETA as of yet.

I'm already on the prowl for new products for this year. I found an excellent source for floral and chintz teapot sets. I would love to hear feedback on interest in this or anything else you would like to see us add to our store!

Actually it was a very good Christmas season for us and I want thank our customers!

Enjoy a cuppa,

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Janet said...

Repeating.....would love to see bone china tea pots and matching cups, saucers, creamer, sugar bowl from..... perhaps England....Royal Daulton, or Royal Stuart...various patterns...
Love the site, as you can see by the $ spent in the last couple of years. Thanks for all your hard work.