Spring and Matcha Recipes

Spring keeps teasing me with one day of warm weather and then two or three of cold. When I order my plants I always have them shipped at the end of May. This always seems extremely late at the time of the order but it never fails that the weather does not stabilize until then. Temperature swings are notorious her in Indiana. About a month a go we had a 60 degree temperature swing in a 24 hour period. I am pushing forward with spring even if the weather is unsure. Soon we will be introducing a new line of Green Tea Frappe mix that will have you enjoying them iced, in minutes. The girls here have been experimenting with matcha and creating all kinds of wonderful beverages and desserts. We have decided to run a Matcha Recipe Contest. Next week you will be able to submit your original recipes for matcha. There will be two categories beverage and other. The Winner in each category will receive a gift certificate and all submissions will receive a coupon code for discount on future orders. Next week we will outline the details and allow entries to begin.


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Anonymous said...

When do you think you will have the Green Tea mix? Could it be used for Iced green tea lattes?