Scones, tea and accessories

It's a nice hot summer day here. These are the kind of days I love to come home and work, thank goodness the internet makes that possible! Hubby and grandson are out in the pool, great music is playing and I'm here working and sipping tea.

Just wanted to let everyone know scones are back in stock. I'm still putting stuff in clearance and some of our soon to be discontinued teas are 20% off. The Matcha Frappe Mixes are flying out the door, but we have plenty. Melissa and I have been looking at some real pretty tea cup and saucers to add but we haven't decided yet...there are so many. If anyone has any ideas on what you would like let me know.

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette ran an article on us last week. It's always awesome to see your business in print.

Well time to take a break by the pool then I will be back putting stuff in clearance!

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