Tea of the Week: Strawberry Tingle Rooibos

First I want to announce last weeks winner of a 4 ounce bag of Orange Pekoe! Kevin (k3jane@excite.com), Kevin please email me at customerservice@culinaryteas.com with your snail mail address. I also want to thank Candie for filling in for me last week, I had an awful flu. I'm still sounding a little froggy but am great otherwise.

New Tea of the Week is Strawberry Tingle Rooibos. If you have kids that don't like regular tea this is a great one to try on them. Not only is it extremely fruity, it's naturally caffeine free. Makes an excellent iced tea also! For more information on the health benefits of this tea, click the 'More about this tea' link on the website or here.
If you would like to win a free 4 ounce bag of out Strawberry Tingle Rooibos Tea just leave a comment on this post.

Here is picture of the actual Rooibos bush.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We got the pool up, grandkids been in but I will be waiting until the water warms up! We spent most of the weekend just enjoying being out in the yard, the dogs were having fun barking at all the people walking down the road. And I actually got a little knitting in.


Anonymous said...

The Vanilla Rooibos was excellent, I'm wondering how good the strawberry is.

Polly said...

We absolutely love the Strawberry Rooibos tea. Ever since first tasting this flavor it has become our favorite!


Kelly said...

We bought some fresh Californian strawberries that were so sweet, they were like eating candy, very good with the Rose Petal iced tea.

Unknown said...

I wish that I have a chance to try your recommended tea. Currently, I am more incline to drinking pu'er tea.

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