Tea of the Week: Huckleberry Tea Bags

Wow, I can't believe we don't have a winner for last weeks Jasmine with Flowers Tea! Looks like I need to try harder to tempt your taste buds. This week we are trying something different...tea bags! Our fruit teas are summer favorites, and Huckleberry Tea is a customer favorite and hard to find. Just leave a comment on this post to win 50 tea bags. If it goes well we will feature tea bags again soon.

First a bit of huckleberry history. When European settlers arrived in the New World, they found several plants that provided small, dark-colored sweet berries. The berries reminded them of the English bilberry and similar fruits and they gave them the dialect term, hurtleberry, whose origin is unknown (though some say it has something to do with hurt, from the bruised color of the berries; a related British dialect form is whortleberry). Very early on — at the latest 1670 — this was corrupted to huckleberry. The berries are small and round, usually less than 5 mm in diameter, and contain 10 relatively large seeds. Berries range in color according to species from bright red, through dark purple, and into the blues. In taste the berries range from tart to sweet, with a flavor similar to that of a blueberry especially in blue/purple colored varieties.

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July this weekend! We will all be at the annual Yoder fish fry. Sat on the deck last evening watching the humming birds and knitting with a cuppa Segovia Muffin Rooibos, does not get any better than that. Have a great week!


Karma said...

I saw your comment on Twitter and decided to come look at your website. Hopefully, I'll win some of your tea and get a chance to try your product! =)

Karen R. said...

I stumbled on ice wine tea this past week in the NY Finger Lakes area and in researching it on the web, found your fabulous site. What a wonderful blog, full of very tempting teas! I love fruit and jasmine, so each of your teas this month sound absolutely incredible. I have never heard of huckleberry tea, so it is fascinating to read the background information here. The photographs are beautiful and add to the enjoyment of reading the site. Fabulous site, I've become a fan!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting tea. Are there any rules against repeat winners? Enjoying the Lover's Leap. Certainly different than other Ceylon's I have tried.


Unknown said...
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