Tea of the Week: Summer Punch Green Rooibos

No winner for last weeks Blue Lady, looks like I need to tempt your taste buds a little more this week. Since summer is going and fall is at our door, I think a great summer tea is in order. Summer Punch Green Rooibos, it's absolutely brilliant with its natural sweetness and the fruity explosion that happens in your mouth. The ingredients that make up this tea include: Rooibos, orange peels, strawberry bits, peach bits, sunflower blossoms and cornflowers. Don’t forget to leave a comment to win a 4 ounce bag!

rooibosfieldand man What is green Rooibos? Regular Rooibos is the oxidized version and green Rooibos is non-oxidized; kind of like white tea vs. black tea. I always tell people that Rooibos health benefits rival that of green tea. So if you’re looking for a healthy caffeine free tea, this is it! Here are the nutrients in Rooibos.


Function in the body

Per 200ml

Iron Essential for transport of oxygen 0.07mg
Potassium Metabolic functions 7.12mg
Copper More metabolic processes 0.07mg
Calcium Strong teeth and bones 1.09mg
Manganese Metabolic and bone development 0.04mg
Fluoride Healthy teeth and bones 0.22mg
Zinc Normal growth and healthy skin 0.04mg
Magnesium Healthy nervous system 1.57mg
Sodium Fluid and acid base balance 6.16mg

There are a lot of studies on the benefits of Rooibos. I drink it in the summer when my ankles swell and it works wonderfully. Hubby likes it in the evening because it doesn’t keep him awake at night.

Sad news at Culinary Teas, my daughter-in-law Jen will soon be leaving us. She has moved to Fort Wayne, so her special needs son can have a better education and doctors. She is still working here until she finds another job, we all wish her the best. Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

I have been obsessed with tea drinking and the culture surrounding it going on fifteen years now.

In searching for an earl grey white tea, I stumbled on your website and am astounded at all the different variations.

Being a veteran, I thought I had a grasp on what is available. But now your company and this green rooibos has me very intrigued.

I will definitely be sampling some of your blue lady tea and earl grey white shortly.