Tea of the Week: Papaya

No winner last week, I guess my inability to get to socializing on the net is showing. I did get into Twitter and FaceBook this week, I just need to get back in the habit of being there daily again! The new Tea of the Week is Papaya, as you can tell I'm thinking about spring! I am so done with winter. So please leave a comment to win a free 4 ounce bag.

Though the exact area of origin is unknown, the papaya is believed native to tropical America, perhaps in southern Mexico and neighboring Central America. It is recorded that seeds were taken to Panama and then the Dominican Republic before 1525 and cultivation spread to warm elevations throughout South and Central America, southern Mexico, the West Indies and Bahamas, and to Bermuda in 1616. Spaniards carried seeds to the Philippines about 1550 and the papaya traveled from there to Malacca and India. Seeds were sent from India to Naples in 1626. Now the papaya is familiar in nearly all tropical regions of the Old World and the Pacific Islands and has become naturalized in many areas. Seeds were probably brought to Florida from the Bahamas. Up to about 1959, the papaya was commonly grown in southern and central Florida in home gardens and on a small commercial scale.

What's Happening at Culinary Teas

Things here are back to a more normal pace, I've been working on getting more teabags in stock. Teabag sales went up quite a bit last year, so I will be adding more in the next few months...look for new additions in our newsletter! Candie is working on reconciling last years accounts and getting ready taxes ready, so that means alot of rocking out orders by myself (Kid Rock and tea, what a combo!). The only important things I have out of stock are:
618B Amaretto due back on 3-28
Tibet Rhodiola due back on 4-5

Home Front

Little master Ethan got his Bear badge in Cub Scouts, he's so proud! Rascal (our Yorkie) got his first yearly adult shots and got very sick, but is better now. Hubby has actually been perch fishing for me it's a miracle! I try to get him to do it every year but he loves fishing for bluegill. Everyone have a great week!


Unknown said...

Papaya tea sounds wonderful. I promised my hubby I would buy no more tea but if I win it that is a different story.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am eagerly anticipating Spring! I am also eagerly awaiting the return of Mate Cafe, is it coming back?

I would be delighted to try papaya tea, sounds like it would be a nice iced tea when warmer temps return.

Jeen Dee said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, how spendid, I have never heard of papaya tea. I also saw you have a yet to be created link to tea rooms - I though you would be interetsed in seeing some British tea rooms that I adore on my blog.
Cornish Delight at Carnewas Tea Room « Tea With Mary Kate – Inspiration for Tea and Living http://bit.ly/bnkStp

Here's hoping I win, she says in a burst of uncharateristic British modesty, with kind regards, k

January Gervais said...

The papaya tea looks exquisite. I hope the texture and aroma would be more like an organic rooibos tea, or possibly like an organic oolong tea. Could this be steeped for a long time like blooming tea? Blooming teas have a distinct property that when oversteeped still retain the same flavor. It doesn't taste as light as organic white tea though. Where could I possibly get some papaya tea in the Chicago area?

Unknown said...
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