Assam Tarajulie

Tarajulie is a beautiful estate that lies in the shadows of the Himalayan mountains on the Bramaputra River plain. On a clear day the majestic mountains are visible on the northern horizon. The estate was purchased by the George Williamson Group of companies in the mid 1980’s and they have maintained the high standards that this estate was known for. The estate produces only orthodox manufactured tea. From time to time on the estate they contend with wild elephants and the occasional tiger. Not too many years ago intrusions by wild animals were not welcomed. Today however, these ‘visits’ are not seen in the same light. In fact Tarajulie has maintained some of the forested areas on the estate to provide cover for these endangered animals. 

You might ask - What gives Assam tea its special characteristics? The Assam valley is dominated by the Brahmaputra River - a large slowly meandering river which over millennia of spring and fall flooding has deposited a rich loam over the valley. The soil is a deep and sandy and the region suffers a very hot and steamy monsoon season, but equally important a relatively dry and cool winter. Perfect conditions for the Assam tea bush. This area is also susceptible to earthquakes which can make the ground swallow up whole tea bushes but this does not affect the unmistakable rich taste of Tarajulie FBOP.

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John G said...

A tippy BOP Assam! I've long favoured FOP Assams, but maybe just because I'd read that "FOP" is better than "BOP", and it seems like to get "tippy" you usually need to go "FOP". But recently I've started preferring BOP teas for their richer cups. So the idea of a tippy BOP is very intriguing.