Greetings Fellow Tea Lovers,

We have about 3 weeks until the official start to the Autumn season and I am looking forward to the cool, wet weather and absolutely decedent flavors and aromas. As the crops are harvested and the trees colors bloom the air is filled with the earthy rich smells of fallen leaves and ripe apples, wood smoke. Sitting out on my porch with a hot cup of tea or mulled cider in my hands enjoying the cool breezes and just breathing in the those heavenly aromas. I use large quantities of Mulling Spice all year long because I use them in my favorite brine to add flavor and moisture to poultry and pork but this time of year I keep a slow cooker filled with spiced apple cider. My guests head for the cider as soon as they take off their jackets and praise me like it difficult to throw cider, mulling spices, a bit of brown sugar and sometimes a shot of rum into the slow cooker. My favorite tea during the most beautiful weeks of Autumn before that the cold pushes in is Lapsang Souchong. Lapsang is a whole leaf black tea that is oak smoked which makes it very aromatic and surprisingly mild on the palate when brewed. I love watching peoples faces as they take their first sip of this tea because the smell makes you think the flavor will be harsh and smoky but the smokiness only remains in the aroma and the flavor is a wonderfully rich flavor with only slight hints of smoke. Even my daughter which calls this tea beef jerky tea because of the smell of the dry leaves thought that it was delicious when I brewed her a cup but it took quite a bit of cajoling to get her to take that first sip. This week I am featuring Lapsang Souchong and hoping that you will take this chance to try this much wonderful tea with a discount of up to 35% if you use this weeks coupon.

Summer Iced Tea Sale
This is the last week for our summer iced tea sale, all our one pound and 1 kilo bags of Flavored Black Teas and Flavored Green Teas are discounted by 10%. Anyone who drinks a lot of iced tea in the summer knows you go through large quantities of loose leaf tea. We want to make sure you have your iced tea without breaking your budget so all our loose leaf flavored blacks and green teas are available with the discount when you buy large quantities and this discount will stack with our normal coupons so you can save at least 20% off these teas.

I have to mention our Cold Brew Green Tea again this week because they are so fabulous. I this might be the fastest spreading tea fad I have started so far. I gave a packet to my daughter and a packet to my mother and the next thing I knew have my daughters softball team plus their mothers and half the people my mom works with are all begging for this tea. Thanks to those nifty little portable sweeteners even the sweet tea people are enthralled. These teas are in pyramid teabag with top quality Sencha with Matcha and natural flavorings. They are not cheap but you only need one teabag each day and just keep filling your water bottle. So far I have filled a single bottle 5 times and still had decent strength green tea after a few minutes. If you drink a lot of bottled water you should consider trying these teabags. Available in plain green, mango, peach and mint.

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