No Tea for Me but Specials for You

I am not allowed to drink tea for the next couple of days. I turned up with a bladder infection and of course the doctors want me to avoid caffeine. Worse yet he suggested I drink some cranberry juice. I hate cranberry juice – Ewww. I think I am going to take home some Rooibos so I can drink something hot and soothing without the irritating caffeine.  I wish I would have thought about Rooibos when the bladder was in high gear because it might have been able to help calm it down. Rooibos has anti-inflammatory properties that sure would have been welcome at about 3 am.

If you noticed that you didn’t receive your weekly specials letter this week it is because I was to tired and sick to get it done. Today I am feeling much better so I am changing the specials but I won’t put out a newsletter until next week. This week we have Peach Apricot White Tea and all our Ceramic Teapots on sale for 20% off.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better. I enjoy your weekly letter. Rooibos is just plain good! I love all your different flavors. It really does help inflamation. It has helped my osteoarthritis. I drink it all the time.

Shannon said...

Cranberry extract pills. They are fantastic. You get more cranberry than drinking cups of the juice and you don't have to deal with the flavor.

I wish I had know about Rooibos and it's anti-inflamatory properties last week when I was in the same situation!