Spring Break & Tea Cosy Update

I just got an email from my tea cozy supplier, seems this last batch of fabrics went quick. All of the cozies except the Burgundy Brocade, Burgundy Rosebuds and Evening Lilac now have counts on them. This is probably the last you'll see of these fabrics. I will call her the end of this week to see what we have coming and give you all an update.

It's spring vacation week here and people are coming and going. I took a long weekend and went up to Lake Michigan with my family. Candie is currently away at a water park hotel with hers. Melissa is taking her daughter (age 17) and some of her friends to Chicago shopping thursday...brave woman! Jen will be taking Friday off and hopefully going up to her parents cabin in Michigan for the weekend. Weather permitting her mom says five inches of snow and black ice are what they're calling for up there. Hope everyone else has a nice spring break.

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