Tea of the Week: Earl Grey Tea

Congrats to silvermage2000 for winning last weeks English Breakfast tea! You need to get your snail mail addy to me so I can get it out to you. I had so many requests this week for our Earl Grey Tea, so that is the tea for this week.

For the past month The Tea Review Blog has been reviewing our teas, look for their button on our teas. Click the button below to go to their review on our Earl Grey.

TheTeaReviewBlogSince I did the history of Earl Grey in a previous post, I dug up some recipes on the internet that uses Earl Grey tea. Links are below.

Earl Grey seems to be a very popular tea to cook with, there are a lot more recipes out there but these are the ones that looked the best to me.


Here’s my scout (Ethan) heading off to sell popcorn this year. It’s been a busy week! Candie and I are getting in the swing of things here at work, since Jen is gone. Hope you all have a great week, I’ll be back next week if the mosquitoes don’t carry me off before then!


GypsiesThread said...

I love Earl Grey... it has always been one of my fave teas!!

I cook with it often, but my favorite thing to make with it is actually homemade Earl Grey wine. It is super easy to make even if you have never made homemade wine before.

The Earl Grey flavor survives fermentation very well, and the finished wine has a very crisp and exotic taste.

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping that Earl Grey rice recipe for myself. That I can use someday, especially in winter when the calorie-rich rice is a useful staple. I can always go for tea-infused high-carb meals like oatmeal and rice. They're what have kept me so thin and healthy. --Spirituality of Tea

check my reference said...

Hilarious. you have a great page.