Tea of the Week: Buckinham Palace Green Tea

Congrats to Sharon for winning last weeks Sencha Decaf! Sharon I need your snail mail address, you can send it to denise@culinaryteas.com. We have a treat this week, a new tea! Our Buckingham Palace tea is such a good seller when I saw they had added a Buckingham Palace Green tea, I knew I had to add it. Be sure to comment so you too can try this new tea!

When I compared this tea with the regular Buckingham Palace, I think the Earl Grey and jasmine comes a little more to the forefront in this green tea base. When you taste it, let me know what you think! Can you imagine having tea in a Palace, maybe with the Queen? Wow, what a beautiful place! I'd settle with having a cuppa sitting by the statue just looking at the Palace. Here are some links to recipes for tea sandwiches that I like:

Cucumber Sandwich (from Candie's cooking site)
Watercress Sandwich (from What's Cooking America)
Savory Tea Sandwiches (from Great Party Recipes)

Thought we'd try something a little different this week. I searched You Tube and found this cool video on how to make a tea sandwich. Enjoy!

Remember that new computer we got a couple of weeks ago? Something in our system keeps crashing it and we're trying to figure out what. Poor Candie has spent many hours trying to keep the thing working. We had Scott (Candie's hubby and our IT guy) come in today, he thinks he found it...but we'll find out tomorrow! Other than that everything is going well at Culinary Teas. The trees here are starting to get a hint of color, I hope it's beautiful where you're at also. See you next week!


Marlena said...

I love Buckingham Palace and I bet I would love it green. Aren't you smart to get some!

Anonymous said...

I hope this tea isn't heavily taxed.

Anonymous said...

What a cute tea video! --Teaternity