Tea of the Week: Holiday Winter

No winner for last week, Candie and I just plain lost track of time! You can tell the weather has turned cooler, we are getting much busier (yah)! This weeks tea is Holiday Winter (a flavored black tea). We've carried it in tea bags for years and our supplier finally came out with a loose tea version. It's wonderfully sweet and spicy; and at 20% off this week! Remeber to leave a comment to win a 4 ounce bag.

We've also put our popular Taste of Fall Sampler on sale this week, 10% off. Get yours while we have all the teas in stock!
It's finally dry enough for harvesting, big old farm machinery everywhere on the roads this week. Saw my dad out in the fields twice on my way to work, he's 75 and still loves doing it! I love this time of year, made a large pot of chili last night. Pretty soon we'll be able to light up the fireplace again. We have a lot less leaves to clean up this year, since the big maple in our yard fell on the house and car this summer...but I'm sure the neighbors leaves will still blow in the yard. Candie is bringing me in some winter squash this week, I haven't had any good squash in years. Everyone have a great week!

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Polly said...

Your holiday winter tea sounds wonderful! Our family loves tea and when friends come over they always enjoy sampling our teas. It is great to know of such a wonderful source of teas as Culinary Teas. I would love to try this one!