Irish Breakfast Green Tea Giveaway

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The timing for next weeks St Patrick’s Day couldn’t be better. All our snow has finally melted off and the weather is suppose to warm a bit so hopefully we will get a bit of green starting to show in the trees and grass. Our tea selection for you is one that I love dearly and I suggest to people constantly, Irish Breakfast Green. Irish Breakfast Green is made up of 3 wonderful teas a Kenyan green, Hoji-cha from Japan and a gunpowder from China. These teas as stand alone teas may not win you over but together they make an addictively good brew. The Kenyan tea brings rich body and the gunpowder provides a slight bite with smokiness and the Hoji-cha brings a roasted toasty nutty flavor that just ties it all together. I have always been a big fan of Hoji-cha which is a roasted green tea that has a smooth toasty flavor. Hopefully as your making your St Patrick’s day plans you will give this incredible tea a chance!

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Padraic said...

That sounds like a really interesting blend. I'm very intrigued by the gunpowder with hints of smokiness.

ikkinlala said...

This sounds tasty!

Unknown said...

this sounds like west meets east