Tea Production Struggles, New Rooibos And Bigger Sizes

It seems like our tea supplies are under attack all over the world. The tea estates in Shizuoka Japan are readying them selves for their spring harvest and they are having to battle with power outages and food shortages. Luckily the radioactivity is far enough away to not have to worry about but it certainly will have an impact as most of the Japanese production relies on electricity to run the machines used to pick, form and steam the tea. While this is going on in Japan all tea exports from Darjeeling, India has been stopped due to a labor dispute. The first flush harvest is underway but its production progress will certainly be impacted as well as its chance to be exported. Luckily none of this will impact our tea supplies for at least a year on most of our teas but there are some teas that we move in such high quantity like matcha that might possibly start having shortages. I hope we don’t have to worry about those issues I am much more worried about the plight the Japanese people are having to endure.

New Tea - Georgia Peach Rooibos
This week we have a brand new item for you, Georgia Peach Rooibos. One of our customers suggested we give this rooibos a try and I must say it was an immediate hit in our office. Rooibos is naturally slightly sweet with a smooth mouth feel with pairs so well with the juicy sweet flavor of peaches. This herbal is naturally caffeine free and are equally tasty served hot or iced. This week it is discounted by 20%. Comment on this post including your email address so we can contact you and we will enter you in a giveaway for a 4 ounce bag of Georgia Peach Rooibos.

New Larger Sizes Available
This week we completed added the bulk size of all our teas. For most teas this size is 4.4 pounds and the best price per pound we can offer. If you drink a considerable amount of one tea this may be a good option for you to save some money.

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