Strawberries & Long Island Strawberry Sencha Green Tea

I have a love hate relationship with my strawberry patch. I love the strawberries at first as I make fresh strawberry pie and strawberry shortcake. Then suddenly they all ripen at the same time and I am making strawberry jam and preserves until I can’t stand the sight of another strawberry. That cycle is just starting as just a trickle of strawberries ripen and we pick just enough to blend with some rhubarb for crisps and cobblers. The flavor of these strawberries have forever ruined my ability to buy a grocery store strawberry because they taste nothing like my juicy sweet berries. The only strawberries I enjoy during the rest of the year are the ones I have frozen or preserved and the strawberries in our Long Island Strawberry Sencha Green Tea. This tea is the favorite of my family and friends. More people ask me for this tea than all the other teas combined. Once you try this tea you know why it is so favored. The tart and sweet flavor of fresh strawberries pairs so well with the sweet green tea flavor of the Sencha green tea base. This week we start offering this tea in pyramid teabags. This week Long Island Strawberry Sencha Green Tea is our featured tea and is priced at 20% off and you can win a 4 ounce bag of this weeks featured tea by leaving a message here or on Facebook and leaving a comment on this weeks giveaway. Make sure we have access to your email address so we can contact you.

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I have to mention our Cold Brew Green Tea again this week because they are so fabulous. I this might be the fastest spreading tea fad I have started so far. I gave a packet to my daughter and a packet to my mother and the next thing I knew have my daughters softball team plus their mothers and half the people my mom works with are all begging for this tea. Thanks to those nifty little portable sweeteners even the sweet tea people are enthralled. These teas are in pyramid teabag with top quality Sencha with Matcha and natural flavorings. They are not cheap but you only need one teabag each day and just keep filling your water bottle. So far I have filled a single bottle 5 times and still had decent strength green tea after a few minutes. If you drink a lot of bottled water you should consider trying these teabags. Available in plain green, mango, peach and mint.

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Dawn said...

I'd love to enter to have the chance to try the Strawberry Sencha! Unfortunately there's no field to anonymously add my email address though - but I'll get your message (if I happen to win!) if you leave a comment on Happy Sushi Belly... http://happysushibelly.wordpress.com/ where I blog about great teas, sushi, and other treats.