Raspberry Rooibos and a Coupon

The weather this spring has been pretty icky for us humans but I have to say that my fruit plants look like they have never been happier. My property is a mini farm. I have grapes, blueberries, cherries, apples, peaches, apricots, strawberries and rhubarb. I must admit we have put a little extra effort into all of them this year but they have never been half this abundant in past years. I think they enjoyed all the rain and mild weather which made is so miserable for the rest of us. One fruit I did not mention because it just grows wild and I have little control over how well it does is raspberries. Along the wooded edge of my property is just thick with raspberry plants and some years they are full with luscious berries and some years the berries dry up before they ripen. Raspberries are one of my favorites but not my favorites to pick because of the brambles. I really enjoy our Bohemian Raspberry Green tea and our Raspberry black Tea but my favorite of our raspberry teas is our Raspberry Rooibos. Our Raspberry Rooibos has that tart sweet raspberry flavor and aroma with that beautiful sweet and smooth rooibos flavor. Unlike most teas where I clearly like them better iced or hot this tea seems equally delicious either way. When I am trying to get my kids to drink rooibos for sore throats or upset tummies this is my go-to tea because even they will drink it. This week Raspberry Rooibos is our featured tea and is priced at 20% off and you can win a 4 ounce bag of this weeks featured tea by leaving a message here or on Facebook and leaving a comment on this weeks giveaway. Make sure we have access to your email address so we can contact you.

Save 10% This Week
Use coupon code: 02JN2011
Expires: 6/7/11
I have to mention our Cold Brew Green Tea again this week because they are so fabulous. I this might be the fastest spreading tea fad I have started so far. I gave a packet to my daughter and a packet to my mother and the next thing I knew have my daughters softball team plus their mothers and half the people my mom works with are all begging for this tea. Thanks to those nifty little portable sweeteners even the sweet tea people are enthralled. These teas are in pyramid teabag with top quality Sencha with Matcha and natural flavorings. They are not cheap but you only need one teabag each day and just keep filling your water bottle. So far I have filled a single bottle 5 times and still had decent strength green tea after a few minutes. If you drink a lot of bottled water you should consider trying these teabags. Available in plain green, mango, peach and mint.

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