Memorial Day Weekend and Pineapple Tea

Memorial Day weekend is here again and I always have to have a party. It usually involves lots of food, drinks and friends. I usually load up the smoker and make magic from some type of meat but the current weather has me wondering if I should make a backup plan so we don’t all go hungry. Oh sure I make sides and desserts but the meat is always the main event. Well sometimes the drinks are the wind beneath the meats wings and this year will be no different as we tap our first keg of homemade beer. Beer you say? I bet you thought I was only good at blending and flavoring teas. I actually have many hobbies that I am very good at including being a musician, chef, fisher, gardener and most recently beer crafter. The one thing people always count on at my party beside the excellent food is lots and lots of delicious iced tea. My tea selections are always a topic of conversation and I usually have to send a few ounces home with guests who now have a new favorite tea. This year’s selection is my featured tea this week at Culinary Teas our Pineapple Tea. Pineapple is one of those great fruit that just seems to pair with everything and is also a culinary wonder because the acid in it will tenderize any meat. I use pineapple juice in many of my grill marinades or brines and the flavor is a nice addition to everything. This Pineapple blend has a black tea base which brews smooth and flavorful and pairs so well with the sweet and tart flavor of pineapple. To bring out the full flavor add just a bit of sweetener and maybe serve with some pineapple mint as garnish.  This week Pineapple Tea is our featured tea and is priced at 20% off and you can win a 4 ounce bag of this weeks featured tea by going to our Blog or like us on Facebook and leaving a comment on this weeks giveaway.

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