Cold Brew Green Tea Teabags and Mint Green Tea

We are based in Indiana and once the heat finally kicks in around here it will be paired with horrible humidity. I am rarely seen in the warm months without a bottle of water or tea in my hand. Last year I just added a scoop of Matcha to my water bottles but this year I have something better. One of our Japanese vendors introduced Cold Brew Green Tea Teabags and after trying them, I fell in love. They are silk pyramid teabags filled with premium Sencha and Matcha that brew in cold or cool water. You just pop one of these beauties into your bottle of water and give it a shake and within a few minutes you have delicious green tea. I have tried plenty of bottled teas and they all taste flat or have artificial sweeteners and preservatives that just destroy the flavor and negate all the health benefits. What made me even happier was that these teabags are available in Plain, Mango, Mint and Peach flavors without any sweeteners added. I have loaded up my purse with a pack of each so I am just a bottle of water away from delicious green tea.

One of my fall back green teas is our Mint Green tea. The base tea for this blend is a light gunpowder green that is made from whole leaves of tea that fully unfurl when brewed. The older whole leaves brew a fuller flavored cup of tea that is complimented very well by the bright flavor of the mint. This tea is aways a great after dinner tea but iced it becomes a delightful anytime tea. I had several friends who chose to serve our Mint Green Tea instead of Mint Juleps at their Kentucky Derby Parties.
This week Mint Green tea is our tea of the week and that lets you save 20% off the normal retail price and you can win a 4 ounce bag of this weeks featured tea by leaving a message here or on Facebook and leaving a comment on this weeks giveaway. Make sure we have access to your email address so we can contact you.

Giveaway Ends: 05-17-2011
Number of Prizes Available: 1
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KeenTeaThyme said...

I've gotta get my paws on some of those cold brew options! That's perfect for summer!

Now, as for this week's giveaway, mint green tea is divine! It's refreshing and fragrant hot or cold. I tend to prefer a glass of iced mint tea in the summer with my meals, even at work, instead of soda. Yum yum!

Richard C. Lambert said...

I love reading your comments and they are much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! powder green tea perth

Anna Schafer said...

You just pop one of these beauties into your bottle of water and give it a shake and within a few minutes you have delicious green tea. matcha tea set perth