Bad Water and Long Island Strawberry Sencha Green Tea

 I was reminded again this week how important good water is to good tea. I have a triple osmosis filter in my house so my water is usually great for tea or just drinking pure. This weekend one of filters decided it was time to die and the system is putting out like a cup of water per hour and the flavor of the water has gone off. All the little faults in your water will have a huge impact on the flavor of the tea. II must admit that the off tasting filtered water is still better than the unfiltered water but as soon as my replacement filters arrive today my husband is going to get the orders to put them in immediately. I am craving a good cup of tea so bad and when I try to make it with this water I can still taste that off-ness and it seems to stale the flavor of the tea. There is just no way around it bad water makes bad tea so if you don’t enjoy drinking your water fresh from the tap then I don’t suggest you make your tea from it. If you have any doubts about the quality of your water than you should get some good bottled water and do a test brew of your favorite teas and see if you notice a difference.

This week I need to work on transplanting my runaway strawberries into a new row. If you have grown strawberries than you know they are almost as invasive as mint. Strawberries put out runners that start new little plants and they can quickly overtake any other vegetation including weeds. My currant strawberry bed consists of two rows that are 50 feet long and about 3 feet wide and they have almost over taken the row in between them. All of those plants came from 3 plants I planted 10 years ago. Those plants grow some of the sweetest most flavorful strawberries I have ever tasted and they always make me thirsty for our Long Island Strawberry Sencha Green Tea. That lightly sweet Sencha base pairs so well with the sweet and tart flavor of the strawberries. This tea is the favorite of our family and our neighbors and I have already had to bring home 3 pounds of it to fulfill the requests. This week Long Island Strawberry is our tea of the week and that lets you save 20% off the normal retail price and you can win a 4 ounce bag of this weeks featured tea by leaving a message here or at Culinary Cafe and leaving a comment on this weeks giveaway. Make sure we have access to your email address so we can contact you.

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