Blue Mango Green Tea and Cold Brew Teabags

Last week I realized that the last few weeks of school for the kids is a gauntlet for me. For some reason the 
schools schedule 50% off all the events for the entire school year in the last 3 weeks of school. Those events plus my eldest is in track and softball means I get to make at one maybe two trips each night if I am lucky. It feels like I am on the go constantly. I am not a soda drinker and I can’t stand bottled teas because I don’t like my drinks sweetened and if they are not sweetened you can taste the nasty preserved tea flavor. I typically just carry a couple bottles of water with me or start will a travel cup of tea and then switch to a bottle of water. Last week we got in these new Cold Brew Green Teabags and I immediately grabbed a 10 pack of each type and stuffed them in my purse. So far my daughter has stolen one of the packets and I have given another to my mom. Last week I had a zoo trip with my youngest so I added a teabag to my water first thing in the morning and ended up filling that water bottle 4 times and still had delicious green tea. I was so happy to find that I could make one teabag last me all day long which makes them very cost effective. I cannot live without my green tea to keep my energy levels up during they day so the discovery of these teabags have made me very happy.

The green shirt is my youngest
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My eldest daughter loves the flavor of mango more than anything else. She will beg for one every time she sees one. Anytime a new mango product is introduced she has to try it and can list off all the good and bad products she has tried. One item that I have to keep stocked at the house is our Blue Mango Green Tea for her. The flavor is not quite as sweet as most mango teas but the slight bite compliments the sweet sencha base quite well. I must admit I don’t care for this tea hot very much but when it is iced it becomes wonderful. This week Blue Mango Green Tea is our featured tea and is priced at 20% off and you can win a 4 ounce bag of this weeks featured tea by going to our Blog or like us on Facebook and leaving a comment on this weeks giveaway.

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Anonymous said...

I have a cup of Blue Mango on my desk right now, and am enjoying it, but while writing a review for my own blog, was wondering if it would make a nice iced tea or not - with your suggestion, I'm going to give it a try - thanks! I'm not a huge fan of green teas usually (I find them a bit bitter) but Blue Mango is one of the exceptions!