Green Tea Musings

Green tea and more green tea…  I can’t seem to get my self to drink anything but green tea these days.  I do tend to stay on one trend for a season and summer is a good time to be hooked on green tea. Green Tea is refreshing and light and doesn’t weight you down in the heat. We now have so many wonderful flavors of green teas that I can just rotate thru them and never get bored.

I am still amazed that most companies are still resistant to tea and tea products. It is hard to find good tea products in the first place and then just when they are selling really well the company then discontinues the products. They don’t seem to believe that tea is an up and coming trend. We are seeing tea converts every day from soda or coffee. People taste good fresh tea and they realize that the grocery store tea they grew up on was stale and flavorless. I am always hearing from our customers that they just can’t go back to the tea, coffee, etc. that they had been drinking.

~ Sipping Vanilla Green Tea


Al in Colorado said...

Agree. Store tea either tasteless on one extreem or bitter on the other.

Once some tries real high grade tea ( preferably whole leaf in a strainer), their eyes get big and they become converts.

I use a gold plated fine mesh strainer that is perfect for all teas.

Keep up the great site.

Al in Colorado

Karen said...

I agree, also. My fiance recently converted from coffee to tea. However, it's really important to know how to prepare the tea. Green tea can taste bitter if brewed too long. In Canada, the tea folks at the shop I visited also told me not to bring the water to a full rolling boil, but to stop it just at the point where small bubbles are beginning to form. Water temp and steeping time don't seem as critical with most black teas.