Tea and Food Pairing

I have a background as a chef so I love pairing tea with my food. Tea accompanies food so much better than wine does. Wine has the tendency to over power the flavor of the food and you cannot drink much without feeling tipsy by the end of your meal. Teas flavor can delicately pair with the food without over powering it and allows you to drink as much as you want without needing a designated driver.

Green teas pair well with foods that are normally paired with white wines like seafood, salads, fruit, and surprisingly deep fried food because cuts thru the fat and lessens your chance of indigestion. Japanese teas like Sencha or Genmaicha go perfectly with seafood and rice dishes. Chinese greens like Dragonwell and Jasmines are a little stronger in flavor and have a stronger aroma which pairs well with Salads and Chicken dishes.  Very lightly oxidized Oolongs (Wu-long or green Oolongs) also go well with these foods.

Oolong teas that are medium to dark oxidized are a perfect pairing for Chinese, Thai and grilled foods. The flavors of these oolongs have a pronounced toastiness and are very full flavored.

Black teas pair well with foods that are normally paired with red wines like meat, curries, and desserts. Black teas are rich and full bodied teas with pronounced tannins which hold up well with richly flavored foods. Black teas pair especially well with chocolates and desserts with chocolate.


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