Green Tea - The Springtime Cure All

Spring is officially here but it can't make up its mind if it wants to be spring or not. In the same week we had 60 degree temperatures and then had 3 inches of snow. Right now outside it is sunny and beautiful but it is only 49 chilly degrees. I have this urge to go out and enjoy the sun but the temperature and frigid breeze forces me back inside pretty quickly. I have brought a bit of the outside in by starting a bunch of my seeds for my garden. Watching those little sprout grow are just making crave some fresh spring greens. I think I will start some lettuce next. I am also thinking about the upcoming shorts weather. Time to trim off a few pounds. That goodness that is easy as brewing up my favorite green tea and replacing my soda and water with nothing but green tea. Sounds simple but it never fails to help me trim away the pounds. And the energy I get from it helps give me the nudge to spend some time with the Wii Fit. So far I have been able to trim off 2lbs a week with very little effort. Both green teas and oolongs give the same energy and metabolism boost. I am sure many of you heard of the Wu-long craze and there was some truth to it but they tried to fool you into thinking you had to buy their tea. The truth was any green or oolong tea would have done the trick but they can't make money off you if you can just run to the grocery store and buy it so they renamed it Wu-long. If you are looking even more results you can blend in some Matcha green tea powder and hope you can sleep that night.

Off to make more tea....


black tea said...

Spring is in the air, and yet to quite get there!:)
Yes if any tea will do, how would they boost their tea sales.

Unknown said...

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