Our first winner is Kelly!

Our first winner is Kelly! Kelly I will be emailing you for your snail mail address today. I want to thank bell-dragon, Beth, Lisa, Melissa, Polly and Kelly for entering. The kids had a day off school today, so Miss Morgan got the honors of picking the first winner.

It was such a beautiful weekend here, we got lots of yard work done! It was so nice relaxing on the deck with a glass of tea when it was all done.

Let's do a little teaser for tomorrows newsletter. Mothers Day is fast approaching and I found a set of Porcelain called Raffles to feature this week. Wanted to give you guys a sneak peak, it won't be online until sometime tomorrow. We will start another tea drawing tomorrow, Tea of the Week will be Blue Lady.


Beth said...

Thanks for the chance. I love your tea. I have my Time for Tea Tuesday going on my blog. Post your link and share your blog with my readers.

Denise said...

Thanks Beth! I'm headed over there now! I enjoy you're blog "Tea with Thee" also!

Denise said...

Oops it's Tea and Thee!

Anonymous said...

I just received my order last week of the Rose Congou Black tea and I gotta tell ya, If you love the smell of roses (Who doesn't ?), You will LOVE this tea! I had to try it out both hot and iced and the flavor was beautiful! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves tea.

Anonymous said...

I just received the vanilla rooibos about an hour ago. I had to quickly put the kettle on. The last time I had rooibos is last year when I went to an import store here in Portland called "The monkey and the Rat", but it doesn't compare with this. This rooibos is so good, its reminiscent of creme soda. It needs no sugar, its smooth, with a pleasant vanilla aftertaste. Its a cold, wet Spring day here in Oregon and I'm enjoying it with a nice hot cup of your vanilla rooibos.
Thanks again!