New Contest - Free Tea

Good morning fellow tea lovers! This week we will kick off a new weekly contest. I will be giving away a four ounce package of our Tea of the Week....every week! You need to comment here with your first name and email address. Drawings will be held on Mondays and I will contact winners via email.

The weekly newsletter comes out on Tuesdays. I will also post a write up on the new Tea of the Week here on Tuesdays. I love talking about tea, if you have any questions please contact me (Denise) at 866-799-4005. I'm in the office from 9:am to 2:30 pm EST.

This week we will be featuring Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos. Rooibos has been getting an amazing amount of press recently. As people begin searching for healthy alternatives to soft drinks; rooibos with its polyphenols, iron, zinc, fluoride, calcium and magnesium fits the bill. Enjoyed in South Africa for centuries, rooibos was first made available to Westerners by a Russian named Benjamin Ginsberg. He recognized that its benefical properties and wonderful taste made it an excellent caffeine free alternative to traditional caffeinated teas.

Our all natural flavored Rooibos is excellent on its own, but why not try making Red Lattes or Red Cappuccinos? These cutting edge options are the hippest new things in South Africa's coffee shops and cafes. For the kids try half Rooibos and half fruit juice, my grandson loves it. If you google Rooibos recipes you can find a lot of great ideas for this wonderful leaf!



Lisa Sieverts said...

Joining the contest, and just ordered more 3 Monkeys, one of my favorites. lsievert@yahoo.com

melissa said...

i haven't had this tea since i am so addicted to my decaf jasmine green tea, but would be interested in trying it.

Kelly said...

I can't stop drinking your Pear Sencha!
Thanks a bunch!

Polly said...

My husband and I love Rooibos teas. We enjoy your raspberry, strawberry and blueberry Rooibos teas but have never tried this one. It sounds great! We would love to try it.

Anonymous said...

Avid drinker of rooibos here. Being caffeine free while being as good as real tea (or better) and lending itself to so many other flavors is why I got hooked on it. I'm stuck between Rooibos Chai, Ginger Bounce, and Green Rooibos Summer Punch. I need to place an order for all three before I'm completely out.

Unknown said...

We are drinking more rooibos tea these days. We love you tea,

Unknown said...

I want to thank everyone for joining in the fun! My favorite rooibos is either the Bourbon Street or the Segovia Muffin.