Herbal Tea Sunburn Soother

I got my first sunburn of the season on Sunday. I am an avid gardener and I was very determined that I was going to get everything planted and fed and watered yesterday. Unfortunately I wasn’t as determined to get my sun block on and now my back looks like I lit my self on fire. I have a few tricks to take out much of the burn. One is a product by Kiss my Face, After Sun Aloe Soother with Jewelweed & Yucca. This stuff takes the sting out of even the nastiest sunburn and if you apply if before it gets really red it will keep it from getting any worse. But when things get really bad I pull out the Rooibos, Chamomile & Lavender. Rooibos has anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile takes out the heat and Lavender is a natural antiseptic for blistering.

I continued to drink gallons of Crime of Passion green tea iced this weekend. I am going to grab a bag of Pear Sencha for a change this week. The pear has a very sweet aroma and a juicy pear flavor that is very popular.

Denise and I decided that one of our new flavored green teas would be Watermelon Kiwi Sencha. We always put new teas on sale so watch for that in about a week.


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