Sipping Rooibos

I have to admit that I am not a big Rooibos fan but there are some things that it is good for. Now I am the anti-hype queen and have to do in-depth research and find the cold hard facts about everything so I have to inform you that Rooibos does not in fact have more anti-oxidants then green tea (actually about 1/3) even though most vendors claim it has far more. It does however have anti-inflammatory properties which are very helpful for those with arthritis (me), migraines, some skin conditions and acid reflux. I also help that it does wonders when topically applied to a sunburn. There are two types of Rooibos, regular or Red and Green which is much like green tea. The red has a flavor all of its own with takes flavoring very well and that is why you will find so many different flavored Rooibos on the market today. I like the green Rooibos paired with fruit because it has a sweet greenness that is complimented well by fruit flavors. Red Rooibos pairs better with flavors like vanilla and chocolate. I really enjoy our Bourbon St. Vanilla Rooibos and our Caramel Cream Rooibos as hot teas in the winter but the vanilla also ices well.

Today I am drinking Peachy Green Rooibos which has a light fruity flavor with a highlight of peach. The color is a beautiful peachy color when brewed and takes to icing very well. I must say that I enjoy our Summer Punch Peachy Green Rooibos more than this one with its tones of strawberry, peach and orange.


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