Review: Black Tea with Pomegranate

I enjoy trying every new tea product that I can get my hands on but I must admit I am the tea worlds Simon Cowell. I pull no punches when it come to reviews. I will not sell of back a product that I don't like and feel has value. I have tried to many horrendous tea products and haven't yet found a bottle tea product that I could even stand to drink, let alone enjoy.

I found a new bottled tea product this weekend. Black Tea and pomegranate from POM. I enjoy fresh pomegranate so I have tried the POM juices before but have always been put off by the lingering bitterness. I have a sensitive palate and bitterness is something that some people are much more sensitive to than others. I know where the bitterness comes from, the seeds when the pulp the juice. If they could find some way to separate the juice quickly from the seeds and not grind them into the juice it would be a totally different product. Well anyway that it the same thing I found with this black tea product. It not only had a bitter after bite but it was overly sweet. I am not a sweet tea drinker but I do like just a hint of sweetness but I have only found one product that doesn't cross that line into sugar water like this product.

The line of Teaology products that we carry are just lightly sweet, caffeine free and packed with ECGC so you just feel like getting up and moving. They are pre-measured for a bottle of water so I carry them in my purse and am ready for a cold bottle of tea anywhere.

Yes I am a tea snob. I very rarely drink ice tea at restaurants because I can't stand to drink it half the time. Vendors send hundreds of samples a year and there are some companies that I just refuse to taste any more because the tea is so bad. One company who continues to contend they use natural flavoring and that their tea is extremely high quality has tea that tastes so bad to me that I end up spitting it out. I do not know how they can stay in business.

~The Tea Snob

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The Readster said...

I just discovered Culinary Teas on my way home on Wednesday. I am so excited to know that there is someone else who loves tea as much as I do and that you have such a wide selection. I bought several kinds of black tea to try. I can't wait to try more. Thanks for the blog. It's interesting and informative. I made an entry about Culinary Teas on my blog, too.