Never Tired of Tea

Someone just recently asked me, “Don’t you ever get tired of tea?”. That was easy, No. I may get tired of one type of tea for a short period of time but then I just switch to another. I have access to almost 450 teas on a daily basis so I never run out of choices. I do tend to stick with one tea for a month or two but then my taste will change slightly and I will try several different teas before I settle in to a daily tea again. Last fall I drank Scottish Breakfast daily until around Christmas. Then I suddenly started craving green teas and have been rotating thru them every since. I am still drinking the Genmaicha Extra Green today. I have always enjoyed Genmaicha which is Sencha with popped rice. The popped rice gives the tea a toasty flavor on top of the clean, green flavor of Sencha. The addition of the Matcha just strengthens the green flavor.

I enjoy pairing tea and food. I think tea pairs better with most foods than wine does because wine is so strongly flavored that it can mute the flavor of your meal. Also not everyone wants alcohol with their meal, which makes tea a great beverage. Green teas pair very well with fish and vegetables as well as fried items because it can cut thru the fat and help digest it. Oolongs go so well with oriental food, especially spice food like Curry and Thai. Black teas go well with beef, lamb & strongly flavored sauces. Black teas also pair very well with desserts, like chocolate cake. Give me a dish and I can give you a specific pairing.


Yawning and reaching for my cup of tea

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