Watermelon Kiwi Green Tea

The Watermelon Kiwi green tea is here and it is good. I brewed up a batch for customers on Saturday and even the non flavored tea drinkers were enjoying it. The Sencha tea base gives this tea a nice sweetness that makes it great iced. I got a special batch by accident that has pear with the watermelon kiwi and it is a fabulous mix. No we aren’t planning on making this batch available to the public but if it sounds good you can always mix our Watermelon Kiwi and Pear at home. If your family is like mine the tea won’t last very long.

I got a good laugh this weekend when my neighbor suggested that she come over and join me for Yoga out in the yard. I told her I wasn’t doing Yoga I was picking strawberries. I have a good sized strawberry patch that has grown into one solid mass of strawberry plants. When you pick it you must carefully find bare areas where it is safe to step and bend in all kinds of awkward positions to get all the strawberries without stepping on plants or berries. I told her she was more than welcome to come over and join me and she can have all the strawberries she encounters during our session.



Unknown said...

Hi Candie. New today to the site and have signed up for all sorts of accounts (probably too many). My wife sent me on this goose egg chase over the Oprah crazed Wulong tea subject...hence me ending up here. What can you tell us about this tea? Have you tried it? I've seen that apparently the further 'west' one gets, the harder to get the real good stuff. Is this true? I've signed up as an affiliate and wholesale as I suspect we'll be buying in bulk. Just curious on the Wulong tea...I am flying the banner on the home page but am a newbie to this tea...been downing green tea by the gallon for almost a year now. Thanks in advance.


Unknown said...

Keep up with the green tea because the Wu-long or Oolong tea is just a bunch of false advertising. I have been a serious student of tea for 7 years now and keep abreast of the latest research and I can honestly tell you that there is no scientific or antidotal evidence that Wu-long tea has any of the miraculous abilities that everyone is claiming. Now green tea is another subject. There is lots of great scientific evidence that green tea can boost weight loss and is great for your health overall. My husband has become a green tea junkie and has since lost 75 lbs. Now as more research is done they are finding that blacks have more health benefits in common with green tea then previously believed so I won’t say that Oolong (Wu-long) tea is not good for you but I don’t believe 90% of what the current marketing claims are.

Anonymous said...

mmm...that sounds sooo good lol

Anonymous said...

I know you said that there are no scientific claims or research on the Oolong Tea. However, if you do a search engine on Oolong or Wulong tea it was found by a univeristy in Japan that it burns 157% more fat than Green Tea. So are they wrong?