I'm in computer......

I'm so glad Candie posts everyday! I've been working on keywords to get them up to Googles new standards. So my nose has been in the computer nonstop for about a week now. Hopefully another week will do it!

Our new Watermelon Kiwi Green is excellent, I've been drinking it all week. Looks like the weather will be in the 90's this weekend...YUK. Looks like it will be weekend full of work, iced tea and grandkids coming over to go swimming. I'm so glad I bought a small laptop for home so I can be outside and not miss all the fun while I'm working.

I have some new catalogs to go through when I'm done with the keywords. Hopefully that will mean some new products for everyone. I just love shopping....even if it's out of catalogs!

Have a great and safe weekend.


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